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Automatic Transmissions Part 1 - The Torque Converter
Automatic Transmissions - Part 2
Postive Crankcase Ventilation
Suspension & Steering: How It Works
Air Conditioning
Engine Theory: A First Look
Wheels and Hubs
Camshaft Theory
Shock Absorbers
Turn Signals
Lubricants Part 1 - Oil
Leaf Springs
Lubrication Part 2: Greases
The Lowly Oil Filter Does a Princely Job
Automotive Electrical Systems - Part 1
Automotive Electrical Systems - Part 2
Automobile Electrical Systems - Part 3
Automotive Electrical Systems - Part 4 - Starters
Automotive Electrical Systems - Part 5 - Ignition Systems
Automotive Electrical Systems - Conclusion
So What's the Deal about Horsepower, Anyway?
A Slightly Confusing History of Automatic Transmission Fluid and How It Works
Let's Create a Carburetor!
How Manual Transmissions Work
Car Restoration Chemicals: What Are They and When Do You Use Them?
Catalytic Converters
How A Car Horn Works
How a Fuel Pump Works
Body Filler - What Is It?
The Tachometer
Combustion Chambers (and a little engine theory)
How Light Bulbs Work
Understanding Automotive Cooling Systems
Automotive Paints - Just What Is This Stuff?
How Automotive Temperature Gauges Work

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