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1953-1960 Classic Car Engines Troubleshooting Guide: Engine Is Hard Starting When Engine Is Cold

Things to Look For:

Many of the conditions enumerated under Engine Won't Start also may cause hard starting in cold weather. Of particular importance, however, are the following:

  1. Choke setting too lean.
  2. Fuel may have kerosene in it or water, or ice in bottom of tank.
  3. Ice in fuel filter bowl.
  4. Ice in fuel lines.
  5. Engine is cranked too slowly or won't turn over because: (a) engine oil is too thick in sub-zero weather; (b) battery weak due to extremely low temperature.
  6. Another possibility, although remote, is that the water pump is jammed with ice, which will interfere with cranking engine if fan belt is tight.

The Complete Guide to Troubleshooting 1953-1960 Era American Classic Car Engines

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