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Car Restoration Product Reviews

From time to time we are asked to review classic car restoration products by manufacturers. When we do test their products, we report our findings here...whether the outcome is good, bad, or somewhere in between.

Product Review: Duo-Mite Metal Bender
Product Reviews - By Chris Wantuck
Product Review: Duo-Mite Metal Bender There are several tools in our shop that aren't used every day. But when we need them, it's great to have them. The Duo-Mite Metal Bender is one of those tools.…keep reading

A Polyol Product used in Restoration: A Review of Kwik Poly
Product Reviews - By Chris Wantuck
A Polyol Product used in Restoration: A Review of Kwik Poly Looking for a "universal" way to tackle wood, metal, filling, sanding, and finishing for structural and cosmetic uses? Kwik Poly may be just what you need.…keep reading

Review of Eastwood's Spot Welding Kit for MIG Welders
Product Reviews
With a little practice, this nifty little tool can give you some nice looking spot welds with your MIG welder.…keep reading

Rust Bullet Product Review - Revisited
Product Reviews
Six months ago Second Chance Garage took a look at Rust Bullet rust inhibitive protective coating. Here's how it's working after some time has passed.…keep reading

Product Review - Installing the Moss Air Conditioning Kit for the MGB
Product Reviews - By John Treible
Why would anyone want to install air conditioning in an MGB? Sometimes it can get too hot to have the top down…keep reading

Car Restoration Product Review: Nibbler & Flanger
Product Reviews
Two products that can prove useful for your car restoration project…keep reading

Total Solutions Rust Converter
Product Reviews
We tested Total Solutions Rust Converter to see if it measured up to their advertising claims…keep reading

The Battery Brain
Product Reviews
Here's a solution for the age-old problem of slow discharge of the batteries in stored classic cars…keep reading

Eastwood's Brake Tubing Pliers
Product Reviews
In 35 years of car restoration, we've bent a lot of brake lines and certainly have kinked (and ruined) our share of them. So we checked out Eastwood's brake pliers…keep reading

Product Review - Heavy-Duty Tumbler System
Product Reviews
Rust removal and cleaning small parts can be tedius when done by hand. This tumbler system may just be the answer…keep reading