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Car Restoration Tips

These tiny tidbits can go a long way to making your classic car restoration hobby more enjoyable.

Car Restoration Tip 48 — Rotary Tools and Bits
Restoration Tips
Car Restoration Tip 48 — Rotary Tools and Bits Small rotary tools and bits are valuable assets to the classic car restorer. Here are a couple of hints on how to make their use even better…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 47 — Small Tool Holders
Restoration Tips
Car Restoration Tip 47 — Small Tool Holders It can be hard to keep track of small tools...tossing them in a drawer just doesn't work. Try this…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 46 - Paint Scoops
Restoration Tips
Household scoops can make your life easier in the garage...…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 45 - Filler Spreaders
Restoration Tips
Some things are just made for re-purposing.…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 44 — An Easy Way to Store Your Sand Paper
Restoration Tips
Here's a quick way to keep your sand paper tidy.…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 43 - Keeping Those Parts in Order
Restoration Tips
How to eliminate the frustration experienced when re-assembling an assembly…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 42 - Thread Tapping the Right Way
Restoration Tips
Sometimes fasteners can be difficult to turn in newly tapped threads. Here's a quick remedy.…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 41: Common Sense Approach to Shop Fire Safety
Restoration Tips
When it comes to fire extinguishers in your car restoration shop, applying some simple, common sense practices can make a big difference.…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 40 - Storing Small Parts for Your Classic Car Project
Restoration Tips
Plastic bags can be good for storing small parts, but…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 39 - Storing That Respirator
Restoration Tips
Your respiration is a key element in keeping safe while working on your car restoration projects…keep reading