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Second Chance Garage Classic Car Article Index

We cover a lot of different car restoration topics at Second Chance Garage - this article index gives you a pretty good idea of the subjects we cover.

Currently we have 651 articles to help you learn all you can about car restoration. The following is a complete index of all articles we've presented - listing the newest articles first. This index does not include Engine Specs or Photo Gallery pages.

  1. Fixing a Pane in the Bottom
  2. 1961 Chevrolet Apache Restoration: Part 2 - Box Repairs and Some History
  3. Buyer's Guide: 1970-1974 Barracuda/Challenger RT
  4. SCG Classic Car Troubleshooting Checklist - Troubleshooting Engine Noises - Internal
  5. How Automotive Temperature Gauges Work
  6. Vent Window Regulator Rebuild
  7. Car Restoration Tip 43 - Keeping Those Parts in Order
  8. Automotive Paints - Just What Is This Stuff?
  9. Dr. Crankshaft And the Weird Fuel Pump
  10. How to Hacksaw
  11. Car Restoration Tip 42 - Thread Tapping the Right Way
  12. Classic Car Maintenance Made Easy: A-Frame Seal Reconditioning
  13. Clean Shop Specialist
  14. Cord: A Different Roadability
  15. 1952 Ford F1 Truck Restoration Project Part 19: Making Some Adjustments
  16. 1961 Chevrolet Apache Pick Up Restoration
  17. Is Your Collector Car Ready to Hit the Road?
  18. A Story of Two Pontiacs
  19. Rust Bullet Product Review - Revisited
  20. More Miles Per Gallon Per Classic Car Show
  21. Earl Cars: Better Looking — Better Built
  22. Lady Auto Mechanics
  23. Chrysler Royal
  24. Restoration Made Easy: Simple fix for Steering Box Leak
  25. Where Did Naugahyde Come From?
  26. Prepping a car for paint: a job you can do at home
  27. 1956 Chevrolet Belair Restoration Project - Part 18
  28. Maintenance Made Easy: Bench Grinder Wire Wheel
  29. Restoration made easy: Drop Kicking a Droplight
  30. 1952 Ford F1 Truck Restoration Project Part 18: A Second Look
  31. Canadian and US Tri-Five-Chevy Variations
  32. Winton: The King of Cars
  33. Menuboard Tool Caddy
  34. Simple Car Care: Avoiding a Sticky Choke
  35. Classic Car Buyer's Guide: 1968-1970 Plymouth Roadrunner
  36. Classic Car Transport
  37. Restoration of a Smith's Heater
  38. Rebuilding Your Classic Car's Master Cylinder
  39. Automotive History: Some Trend Setters Everyone Should Know About
  40. Classic Car Buyer's Guide: 1957-1959 Fairlane Skyliner
  41. MG as First Car is Hobbyist's Cup of
  42. High Performance Distributor Upgrade
  43. 1956 Chevrolet Belair Restoration Project - Part 17
  44. Mike Ryan's 1929 Ford
  45. Book Review: Composite Materials: Fabrication Handbook #2 by John Wanberg
  46. 4 Steps to a Top-Notch Convertible Top
  47. Interior Redo Helps Camaro Owner's Dream Come True
  48. Classic Car Buyer's Guide: 1968-1972 Chevelles
  49. Hitting the Brakes: A History of Automotive Brakes
  50. Waverley Electric
  51. Book Review: '40 Ford: Evolution • Design • Racing • Hot Rodding by Joseph P. Cabadas
  52. Rubber Car Parts: Not Glamorous but Important
  53. Cushioning the Blow: History of Automotive Airbags
  54. 1956 Chevrolet Belair Restoration Project - Part 16
  55. Understanding Automotive Cooling Systems
  56. How to Replace Muscle Car Metal
  57. Car Restoration Tip 41: Common Sense Approach to Shop Fire Safety
  58. Starting to Click: A History of Automotive Seatbelts
  59. Holsman Highwheeler Motor Buggy (1901-1911)
  60. Sportscar Sparkplug Specializes in Spiffy Sparkers
  61. Ted Spradling's 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk Hardtop Coupe
  62. A Clear View: History of Automotive Safety Glass
  63. How to Correctly Use a Hammer
  64. Classic Car Buyer's Guide: 1975-1982 Corvette
  65. 1956 Chevrolet BelAir Restoration Project - Part 15
  66. The Chevrolet Masters
  67. Turn, Turn, Turn: A History of the Turn Signal
  68. Hudson Terraplane
  69. Tires: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
  70. Clear the Way: A History of Automotive Windshield Wipers
  71. On the Beam: Old-Time Front Axle Restoration
  72. Book Review - Life is a Highway: A Century of Great Automotive Writing; Edited by Darwin Halmstrom and Melinda Keefe
  73. Detailing An Engine in the Car
  74. DIVCO Delivery Truck
  75. Lost Art of Metal Fabrication Gets Rediscovered
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