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Your Classic Car Basic Toolkit

From time to time are asked which items should be carried in our old cars. That is, which tools and supplies can provide for an emergency repair, or at least help in keeping your classic car visible on the side of the road. Here's what we consider necessary for your classic car's tool kit. If you keep these in your trunk you stand the best chance of getting the old flivver running again, or at least not getting hit as it sits on the side of the road.

Your Classic Car Tool Kit Accessories

How do you set the gap on the replacement points out on the road? Well, a standard piece of paper (copier, printer, letter, etc.) is .004 inches in thickness. Folded 5 times you have .020 thousanths, a very common gap for older cars. Of course, you could always add a set of wire guages to your toolkit.

Now, For Some Tools to Get Your Classic Car Running

We also recommend carrying a fire extinguisher and first aid kit. Both are inexpensive and really important when they are needed. We find all this stuff can be put into a small carry-on bag or stored in various places in the car.

We might also suggest that you print out a copy of our troubleshooting guides and put them in a plastic bag to put in your tool kit.

Sometimes it takes a little tinkering to keep your classic car running. And if you're on the road, having the right tools is a good thing...it's better to have too many, than too little.

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