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SCG Classic Car Troubleshooting Checklist — Disc Brakes

Excessive pedal travel

  1. Friction pad knocks-back after violent cornering
  2. Pads not properly seated or positioned
  3. Insufficient fluid in master cylinder reservoir
  4. Loose wheel bearing
  5. Damaged caliper piston seal
  6. Improper booster push rod adjustment

Brake roughness or pedal chatter

  1. Excessive lateral runout of disc
  2. Sides of disc (rotor) not parallel

Excessive pedal effort

  1. Pistons seized
  2. Fluid or grease on lining
  3. Pads worn beyond specifications
  4. Proportioning valve malfunction
  5. Inoperative booster unit

Pulls to one side

  1. Piston seized
  2. Fluid or grease on lining
  3. Caliper not in alignment with disc
  4. Loose caliper

Brakes groan

  1. This is normal under light pedal pressure conditions


  1. Excessive clearance between caliper and pad
  2. Pad hold-down clips missing or improperly positioned

Brakes heat up and fail to release

  1. Seized piston
  2. Driver rides brake pedal

Leaky wheel cylinder

  1. Damaged piston seal
  2. Scored bores
  3. Corroded bores and/or piston

Grabbing or uneven braking action

  1. Seized piston
  2. Fluid or grease on pads
  3. Proportioning valve malfunction
  4. Caliper out of alignment with disc
  5. Caliper loose on braket

No braking effort when pedal is depressed

  1. Friction pad not properly seated
  2. Low fluid
  3. Damaged piston seal
  4. Bleeder screw leaking
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