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1950 Cadillac 331 (160 hp) V8 Engine Specs


Model Designation: Series 60S, Series 61, Series 62, Series 75

Wheel base: Series 60S: 130; Series 61: 122; Series 62: 126; Series 75: 146-1/2

Valve Location: In head

Bore and Stroke: 3-13/16 x 3-5/8

Piston displacement, Cubic Inches: 331.0

Compression ratio: 7.50

Maximum Brake Horsepower: 160 @ 3800 RPM

Maximum Torque Lbs.Ft. @ RPM: 312 @ 1800 RPM

Normal Oil Pressure Pounds: 35


Spark Plug Make: AC 48X

Spark Plug Gap, Inch: .035

Firing Order: 18436572 (front to rear: Right bank 2-4-6-8, left bank 1-3-5-7)

Timing Mark: "A" mark for premiurm fuel; "C" mark for regular fuel; location: Vib. Damper

Engine Idle Speed, RPM: Standard transmission: 375; w/automatic 375 (in drive)

Cylinder Head Torque Lbs.Ft.: 65-70

Compression Pressure & Cranking Speed: 120 min.

Voltage & Polarity: 6 volts, negative ground


Fitting Pistons with Scale: Pistons removed from above. Shim thickness: .002

Pounds on a Pull Scale: 11

Ring End Gap: In tapered bores, fit rings in tightest portion of ring travel
Compression: .010
Oil: .010

Clearance in Groove: Compression: .0017-0035; Oil: .0015-.003

Wristpin Diameter, Inch: 1.000


Operating Clearance: Intake: 0Exhaust: 0

Valve Seat Angle, degrees: 44

Valve Timing: (BTDC = before top dead center; ATDC = after top dead center)
Intake opens: 14 BTDC
Exhaust Closes: 24 ATDC

Valve Spring Pressure Pounds at Inches Length: Inner Spring: 60 @ 1-11/16

Valve Stem Clearance: Intake: .001-.0025;Exhaust: .0015-.0035


Connecting Rod Bearings: Journal Diameter, Inches: 2.2488-2.2493
Bearing Clearance, Inch: .0005-.002
Rod End Play, Inch: .008-.014
Rod Bolt Tension: Lbs.Ft.: 40-45

Main Bearings: Journal Diameter, Inches: 2.4990-2.4995
Bearing clearance: .0008-.0025
Shaft End Play: .001-.005(Thrust on Rear Bearing)
Main Bolt Tension: Lbs.Ft.: 90-100


Cooling System: Without heater: 18 quarts
With heater: 19

Fuel Tank: 20 gallons

Engine Oil: 5 quarts

Transmission: w/out overdrive: 2-1/2 pints; Automatic: 12 quarts

Rear Axle: 5 pints

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